ESSİ was founded by Zübeyde Nacar in 1994 with the aim of providing the healthiest and most effective services in essence, beauty, aesthetic and cosmetic sectors, educating well-trained expert who are the need of industry and bringing the world’s best quality medical aesthetic devices to Turkey. ESSİ, one of the most established beauty and aesthetic establishments of İzmir and Turkey, first started to serve in Gaziemir branch in 1994 and opened Hatay brunch in 1999 as T.C Private ESSİ Esthetician and Beauty Expertise Institution affiliated to the Ministry of National Education. MEB and has been certified by raising an aesthetician

Since 1996, thousands of expert aestheticians have participated into the sector, establishing their own headquarters and halls, and thanks to ESSİ counseling, they has started one step ahead. ESSİ has moved its headquarters to Alsancak and established 3rd Medical Aesthetic Training Center in TURKEY affiliate Ministry of Health for Medical Aesthetics Training for Medical Doctors after a year. Until this course program was stopped, hundreds of medical doctors graduated as “Medical Aesthetic Physician”. Since 1996, ESSİhas made an opening which includes import and export of aesthetic devices; hundreds of Beauty Centers, Beauty Saloons, SPA Centers, Medical Centers and hospitals are established.
ESSİhas transferred its activities to IGN (International Group Nacar) in 2008 and has still operating in Beauty Center and Halls and Esthetician Training. ESSİstarted to give franchising in 2009 and reached 30 branches at the end of the year 2016.

ESSİfranchisees and centers are continued to expand rapidly and increase the number of branches to 20 by 2013; ESSİGaziemir, ESSİAlsancak, ESSİGaziemir, ESSİKarşıyaka, ESSİTorbalı-İzmir, ESSİAntalya, ESSİBostanlı, ESSİBakü, ESSİKemalpaşa, ESSİKayseri, ESSİKadıköy, ESSİNişantaşı, ESSİBursa.
Finally, “ESSİNarlıdere Polikliniği” was opened in 13 April which is Aegean’s largest medical aesthetic complex 1000m2 application area, open car park and tangerine gardens.