Beauty Salon Consultancy

ESSİ Counseling for Students Who Want to Open a Beauty Salon

ESSİwhich have been operating since 1994, have always provided support for the students who wish to enter the sector and setting up their own places. Unfortunately, our graduates are not able to access their experience and they open their beauty salon and take many risks

Our obligations as ESSİAcademy are to alert our students to the difficulties they may face and the mistakes they may make.

All the information regarding the legal legislation that needs to be known and the equipment needed to open the beauty salon is given to our students and our students are directed in this regard

ESSİ Academy’s Counseling

  • Legislation to be required for a beauty salon
  • The trainings to be required for a beauty salon
  • Beauty salon equipment and training of these equipment
  • Location counseling
  • Decoration consultancy
  • Financial counseling