Essi Alsancak Academy

Founded in 1996, our academy operates in Hatay, İzmir and then continue to its operation in Alsancak since 2007, an institution affiliated to the Ministry of National Education, gives valuable estheticians to the beauty sector on Kıbrıs Şehitleri, one of the busiest streets of Nişantaşı. ESSİacademy give chance to apply 40% theory and 60% practice with our private curriculum. Ministry of Education approved Skin care and beauty training, permanent make-up, manicure pedicure, professional make-up, massage course programs are available. We have 552 hours Skin Care and Beauty Personnel approved by the Ministry of National Education and 64 hours permanent Make-up course programs. The documents resulting from these course programs are valid in all European countries

We have 552 hours of Skin Care and Beauty Personnel approved by the Ministry of Education, 64 hours of permanent make up and 608 hours of Classical Massage Staff Training courses. The results of these course programs are valid in all European countries

Skin Care and Beauty Employee (Esthetician) Training Program

• Anatomy and Physiology Theory Training
• Education of Cosmetology
• Skin Care and Applications
• Regional Thinning Practices
• Needle Epilation
• Eyelash Perm
• Manicure applications
• Pedicure applications
• Prosthetic Nail (Theory)
• Measuring Brow Removal
• Sir Applications
• Professional Makeup
• Permanent Makeup (Theory)
• Massage
• Silk Lash

Permanent make-up training program

• Hygiene
• What is permanent makeup?
• Who is appropriate?
• Facial Lines
• Color Information
• Machine and Equipment Features
• Application on Paper
• Application on Latex
• Application on live model
• Camouflage Applications

Our trainings cover all the training programs our students need in their professional lives. Those who really want to do this profession and want to have a well-equipped education prefer ESSİAcademy. We also have special training in the Academy

Essi Academy Special Training

• Manicure – Pedicure Training
• Skin Care Training
• Silk Eyelash Training
• Lash Perm Training
• Professional Make-up Training
• Prosthetic Nail Training
• Permanent Make-Up Training (Ministry of Education Certified)