Esthetics Training

Estheticianism or beauty trainings is a program that should be preferred by those who want to work in the beauty and aesthetics sector.
What is Esthetician?

Esthetician is a profession. Our college graduated from estheticianism and beauty expertise have the opportunity to find work in beauty salons, clinics and hospitals. ESSİ Esthetician courses that follow the latest trends in the world train their students in a highly equipped and clinically preferred manner
Candidates wishing to be a profession and having a job and professionally are entitled to become estheticians by entering the training by the Ministry of National Education. After 552 hours skin care and beauty work curriculum has been processed, our students are entering the examination of the Ministry of National Education.

As ESSİAcademy, ESSİEsthetician courses, we think that this profession has been developed practically. We think that the theoretical training is incomplete and it is a disadvantage for aesthetic candidates. As ESSİ Esthetician courses and ESSİ Beauty Centers, we oblige all students who participate in our trainings to do an internship.

ESSİEsthetician Courses, a well-established institution, are constantly seeking staff from their own or other beauty centers. The ESSİcareer center, which is active in finding jobs for students graduating from their courses, performs guidance taking into account the success of our students in class

Lessons to be Taken During the Training Course

• Anatomy – Physiology
• Skin care
• Epilation – Depilation
• Makeup – Professional Makeup
• Permanent makeup *
• Porcelain Makeup *
• Message
• Hand – Foot Care
• Manicure, pedicure *
• Prosthetic Nail *
• Cosmetic Products Expertise
• Body care
• Slimming – Regional Slimming
• Business Administration – Hygiene
• New Systems and Technologies

Our students who have successfully graduated from our academy have been successful in Turkey and worldwide.

Places You Can Work After Graduating

• In policlinics,
• In beauty salons,
• 5 Star Hotels in Spa Centers,
• In the beauty and care departments of hospitals,
• At educational institutions (Master Trainer).

What To Look Out For When Choosing The Esthetician Course?

The first thing to pay attention to when choosing an estheticiancourse is that it is an institution affiliated to the Ministry of National Education. Not only esthetician training but permanent make-up training, prosthetic nail training and podiatry training should not be taken from esthetician courses not affiliated to M.E.B.

The most important point to be noted in esthetician courses is that they are approved by MEB. Courses affiliated to MEB provide student state guarantees. Students secure themselves with a legal document both during their training and in their working lives. It is not possible for the students who want to open a beauty center to carry out these requests with the certificates which are not approved by MEB.

The students who are trained in the courses are practicing on each other or brought live models. The products used in the applications must be original.

In the trainings shown with counterfeit products; they can create false opinions about the products, cannot trust the application and can be hesitant when applying.

In order to avoid all these fears, the quality of the products and their use are of great importance for their professional lives. Given all the features of the used devices leaves no question mark. To provide free seminars, workshops, daily information training support to students who finish their courses help them to rank higher in their professional lives. At the same time, these trainings are also certificated and the students become more advantageous than their colleagues by presenting these certificates to the employers on the business applications

Estheticians who want to open a business should carry out various procedures. In addition to education, ESSİ Institutions also offer consultancy services for estheticians who can open a shop for their own name when they meet these conditions.

Students who complete the ESSİ Esthetician Course receive job offers and accept those that are eligible. The beauty sector, which has accelerated its progress in recent years, needs qualified personnel. ESSİmeets this needs with valuable students. Aestheticians can find jobs in Turkey and in many parts of the world, especially in Izmir, Istanbul and Ankara.

ESSİ, one of the best MEB approved courses in Izmir, established academy in many parts of Turkey. Candidates who want to have legal certificate can be trained in Ankara, Gaziantep, Malatya.

Esthetician courses have various durations. The ESSİAcademy has a 552 hours course program, students are trained with an intensive program and they are allowed to go through the practical process necessary for their development.