Manicure Pedicure Training

Manicure and pedicure training are among courses the most preferred courses. Manicure – pedicure training is very preferred because it can be taken in a very short time and you can have a job quickly when you graduate

The most important issue in manicure – pedicure training is technical. Technique needs to be learned in a good way. A personnel with poor technique will develop himself with the wrong technique and will be very difficult to change

Another important issue in manicure – pedicure training is practice. It needs to be practiced very seriously. We do not graduate students who do not practice at least 100 practices in manicure-pedicure training as ESSİAcademy. A student who has good Manicure pedicure training must be fast enough for to be able to find a job. These practical studies enable our students to be professional by increasing their speed.

Our recommendation to our students who got Manicure Pedicure training is to take another course, medical hand – foot care or prosthetic nail course. In addition, our manicure pedicure trainees can continue their professional working life by taking the aesthetic certificate
Manicure pedicure prices are different in each courses. You can get detailed information by going to the nearest ESSİAcademy institution.