MEB Esthetician Course

Our academy branches in Izmir giving 552-hour skin care and beauty personnel training affiliated to the Ministry of Education are; ESSİAlsancak Academy and ESSİKarsiyaka Academies.

We have 3 different courses:

5 days in a week, 3 days in a week and a single day in a week, our curriculum is the same but only starting and ending times vary

5 days – 10-12 weeks

3 days – 14-16 weeks

A single day – 18 weeks.

You will be trained with expert and the training is like 40% theory and 60% application

After the 552 hour skin care and beauty employee curriculum has been worked on, our students are being tested by the Ministry of National Education

ESSİ Esthetician courses, a well-established institution, evaluates our successful students, who are seen as talented, primarily in their own facility. Also, we are becoming references and leads on job finding

Is esthetician course job guaranteed?

As ESSİ Esthetician course, we are giving our students the best training possible. Our students are trained in our esthetician courses using the world’s most advanced devices. The students having these trainings are the people sought by beauty salons, clinics and hospitals. In addition, ESSİCareer Center provides students the opportunity to start their business life by directing students to prestigious centers. Our graduates from ESSİ esthetician course in İzmir work in many centers in Izmir.

Can I do an internship after graduating from esthetician course?

This is one of the advantages of having this course from a big brand. Small esthetician courses try to send students to other centers for internships. Many beauty centers do not want to work with unexperienced people and do not hire these students. ESSİ has 32 branches throughout Turkey. Our students who have graduated from İzmir Esthetician courses have the opportunity to practice in ESSİAlsancak, ESSİKarşıyaka, ESSİBuca, ESSİGaziemir, ESSİNarlıdere, ESSİTorbalı, ESSİAlsancak Gold, ESSİBostanlı, ESSİKarşıyaka and ESSİBornova. This internship prepares our students to start their business life step by step How much time courses are Esthetician.

How much time are Esthetician courses?

Estetisyenlik kursları Milli Eğitim Bakanlığı’na bağlı olmak zorundadır. MEB’e bağlı olmayan hiç bir kurum eğitim veremez. Türkiye’de talim terbiye kurulu tarafından hazırlanmış 552 saatlik cilt bakımı ve güzellik elemanı kursu mevcuttur. Bu kursun süresi kayıt olunan kurum tarafından değişmektedir. Bazı kurslar haftada 20 saat eğitim verirken Essi Estetisyenlik kursu haftada maksimum süre olan 40 saatlik eğitimi vererek 14 hafta gibi bir sürede öğrencilerini mezun etmektedir.

Esthetician course prices

There are many esthetician courses in Turkey. All these courses are offered at different prices. Also, there are also trainings under the name of esthetician in centers like public education. These trainings are free of charge. ESSİ Esthetician course, we train our students with the best trainers and with the use of latest technology devices. Course fees vary periodically. You can contact your nearest center to find out more.

Examination and graduation requirements in esthetician course.
ESSİ Esthetician courses are very sensitive about the students they graduate. Our students who cannot fulfill the obligations in our esthetician courses cannot graduate. Our students who have completed their training in the 552-hour aesthetic training course enter a two-stage test. The first exam is practical. As a result of our practical examination under the supervision of a delegation gathered from our ESSİİzmir aesthetician courses, it will be tested whether the student enters the theoretical examination. Theoretical examination takes place under the supervision of an inspector from the Ministry of National Education.