Professional Make-Up Training

The cosmetics industry is a constantly evolving and self-renewing industry. You can make use of the opportunities of this industry by professional make-up training and you can improve yourself on this field. Students who take a professional make-up course can work in beauty salons and clinics as well as finding jobs in the media field. Students who receive professional make-up course are given training on observation ability, material knowledge, technical and color information.

Where can I work after the professional make-up course is completed?

Apart from the media sectors, you can work in beauty salons, clinics, outpatient clinics and make-up studios. In addition, if you want to improve yourself in this area, professional make-up training will be the infrastructure for you

What lessons will you take in the professional make-up course?

In professional make-up training, it is very important to communicate with customers other than makeup. Firstly, hygiene and communication lessons with customers are given in trainings. Apart from these, lessons on shadowing of the effects on light and make-up, facial anatomy, facial features and facial imperfections are given

The makeups you can make are shown in lessons such as day and night make – up, make – up of the bride, make – up techniques suitable for clothes and character, eyebrow design, eyelash – eyebrow painting.