Career Center is an institution that is obliged to protect the rights of both the estheticianand the managership

The career center operates in the following way;

  • When our students enroll, the ESSİcareer center introduces our students by talking to potential centers
  • Centers inform ESSİ Career regarding the personnel need with required qualifications and enable the student to receive services in those subjects.
  • In the last month of our student’s education, our students go to the center where they want to work for 2 hours a day and start their passive internship.
  • At the end of the training, they can do internship in ESSİ or where they want to work.
  • Students who benefit from the ESSİCareer Center and find a job have to pay a certain fee to the institution with a 3 month installment. This collected fee will be donated to the association of educational volunteers by ESSİ.