BB Glow Training

BB Glow, which has recently spread from South Korea, Europe, and Turkey, is also known as “Permanent Foundation”. Many beauty salons and clinics who want to be called as innovative, offer BB Glow. If you want to specialize in BB Glow, you will have the opportunity to discover and develop their skills with the training.

What is BB Glow?

BB Glow is a new generation skin care application that decreases skin problems and makes it look brilliant even without makeup. Although its name is understood to mean that the foundation is injected under the skin, BB Glow does not actually use any chemical or foundation harmful to the skin. Usually used products include skin-beneficial vitamins, nourishing serums, and hyaluronic acid. BB Glow provides a smooth appearance for about 1 year so it is marketed as the permanent form of the foundation just because of its popularity.

Effects of BB Glow

  • Decreases spots
  • Provides intense hydration
  • Gives glow to skin
  • Balances skin tone
  • Repairs acne scars
  • Reduces dark circles under-eye
  • Reduces scar tissue

Why Should I Get BB Glow Certification?

Despite the rapidly increasing need for staff in the beauty sector, finding qualified and trained estheticians is tough for companies. Satisfying the need for this staffs are trained institutions like Essi Academy. Thanks to the certificate you can have a chance to prove your competence about BB Glow.

Learning Content of BB Glow Training

Our training program includes theory and practice. The following courses are given by our expert trainers;

  • What is BB Glow? What are the benefits?
  • Sterilization and Hygiene
  • Things to do before and after the application
  • Prepare Skin with Dermapen
  • Hyaluronic Acid Application
  • BB Glow Application

How Long BB Glow Training Last?

The BB Glow Training is a 2-days program. Thanks to the detailed and practical lessons given during the course, you can have the best education and reference in the sector.

Who Can Attend BB Glow Training?

At least elementary school graduates and is required to attend our course.

What are the documents required to register for the BB Glow Training?

  • Copy of identity card
  • Copy of diploma

What are the requirements for graduating from BB Glow Training?

At the end of the course, the students who are successful in the exam are entitled to receive their certificates.

For more information about our BB Glow Training

  • You can call Essi Academy on 0 (850) 532 37 74, or
  • Consult the nearest Essi Academy branch, or
  • Leave your information by filling out the contact form.