Diode Laser Training

Diode Laser Training Affiliated to the Ministry of National Education

The demand for Diode Laser, which provides a lasting result compared to wax, has been increasing in recent years. It is defined by regulation that people who can apply this method must be educated. It is also extremely important for health and hygiene.

If you want to be one of the specialized estheticians needed by the sector, you can benefit from the Diode Laser Training offered by Essi Academy.

Why Should I Get Diode Laser Certification?

Esthetician and Beauty Expert certificates only allow using of IPL devices. However, Diode Laser Certification allows using its special devices.

Learning Content of Diode Laser Training

Our training program includes theory and practice. The following courses are given by our expert trainers;

  • Hair Removal Methods
  • Hair Anatomy
  • Properties of Light
  • Features of Diode Laser Devices
  • Safety Precautions of Diode Laser
  • Things to Do Before Diode Laser Application
  • Things to Do After Diode Laser Application
  • Techniques of Diode Laser

How Long Diode Laser Training Last?

The Diode Laser Training is a 5-day program contains 30 hours. Thanks to the detailed and practical lessons given during the course, you can have the best education and reference in the sector.

Who is the good candidate for Diode Laser Training?

People who are at least primary school graduates and have Aesthetician Training Certificate is the good candidate for Diode Laser Training.

What are the documents required to register for the Diode Laser Training?

  • Copy of identity card
  • Copy of diploma
  • Aesthetician Training Certificate

What are the requirements for graduating from the Diode Laser Training?

At the end of the course, the students who are successful in the exam are entitled to receive their certificates.

For more information about our Diode Laser Training

  • You can call Essi Academy on 0 (850) 532 37 74, or
  • Consult the nearest Essi Academy branch, or
  • Leave your information by filling out the contact form.