Essi Career Center

ESSİ Academy is constantly working and getting in touch with beauty centers so that students can find work.

Students who have graduated from ESSİAcademy esthetician courses are graded according to their achievements in their courses by their trainers. According to the note status, our students are directed to the beauty centers, clinics and hospitals that apply to us.

The rights of our students are protected by the ESSİAcademy. The ESSİCareer Center supervises the relationship between our student and the business. In case of a student’s disadvantage, the career center intervene to solve the problem between our business and our students

Essential Careers Center is a central reference for beauty centers, clinics and hospitals. Since the students are graded the achievements they have shown in the lessons, the institution can get detailed information about the student’s situation

Beauty salons, clinics or hospitals which apply to the Essential Career Center may receive extra training for the employee if they wish. If the center that provides the job postingwants a staff with expertise in hair removal, our students will receive more training and develop themselves in this regard.

Thanks to ESSİCareer Center, we can say that your business is ready when you graduate.