ESSİ Franchising Consultancy

As Essi Esthetician Course, we provide our students with all the information they will need throughout their professional lives. Some of these students want to start their own business.

Unfortunately, these students are at risk by opening a beauty salon without having enough experience. As Essi Franchise team, we provide consultancy to minimize these risks and establish a successful business.

Firstly, the candidates are evaluated by the franchise team. After many tests, a presentation is made about how to set up a business. Also, Essi Franchisee team inform them about what kind of services will be provided.

When the negotiations are made, our team starts to analyze the targeted area where the branch will be opened. Then, the equipment to be used in the center is selected and training is given to the personnel who will work in the beauty center. Interior decorations of the branches are planned by architects of Essi according to Essi standards.