MEB Esthetician Course

  • Job opportunities in the Europe Union countries
  • 30% theoretical 70% practical training
  • Available private lectures
  • Training with high technology devices
  • Free post-graduate counseling and guidance
  • VIP courses

Who is the good candidate for Beautician Training?

Beautician Training is an ideal program for people who want to work and improve themselves in the beauty and aesthetics areas. If you want to be a sought after staff in the industry, this course contributes some skills that you need such as learning and practicing the most popular applications and using the high technology devices. We are proud of this course by helping you begin one step ahead from others in the beauty sector.

Learning Content of Beautician Training

Our training is designed as 30% theory and 70% practice and the following courses are given by expert trainers;

  • Anatomy-Physiology
  • Biology
  • Skin Care
  • Epilation (Permanent hair reduction)
  • Depilation
  • Basic Make-Up
  • Basic Massage
  • Hand-Foot Care
  • Cosmetic Products Proficiency
  • Body Care including Slimming Courses
  • Slimming-Regional Thinning
  • Silk Lashes and Lash Lifting
  • Measured Eyebrow Plucking
  • Manicure-Pedicure
  • Business Management – Hygiene
  • New Systems and Technologies

How long does this course last?

Beautician courses in beauty schools in Turkey must be affiliated to the Ministry of National Education. No institution provides these courses without this affiliation. This training program, known officially as the “Skin Care and Beauty Staff Course” was planned by the Turkish Board of Education lasts 552 hours. We also have an alternative extended program that takes 826 hours, where graduates can open their beauty salons right away after completing this program.

Opportunities in the Beauty Sector

The beauty sector maintains its leadership despite the changing dynamics of the economy. While the number of beauty salons, clinics, and hospitals increases, the need for well-trained beauticians also goes up. This course can be seen as the first step towards becoming a successful therapists, facialists and aestheticians.

How can I become a Beautician?

In order to work actively as an beautician or therapist, it is necessary to have a certificate approved by the Ministry of National Education. The institutions that give the certificate, informed you about human anatomy, skin structure, use of technological devices. Following the theoretical part, you can gain experience with the practical lessons. When you finish the course and get a certificate, you can start working as an esthetician.

Who Can Attend Aesthetician Training?

At least elementary school graduate and is required to attend our course.

What are the important issues that change the price of Aesthetician Training?

There are many beautician training courses in Turkey. The prices of the courses vary according to the quality of education, the brand, the number of branches it owns, the competence of the instructors and the devices they use. There are also free beautician courses in public education centers. However, those courses might be insufficient in terms of the content of lessons and supports after graduation. As Essi Academy, we provide state of art training programs to our students by our qualified instructors using the high technology devices. Course fees in our institutions vary periodically. You can contact us for more information and current prices.

What are the documents required to register for the Aesthetician Training?

  • Copy of identity card
  • Copy of diploma

What are the requirements for graduating from the Aesthetician Training??

Students who complete our 552 hours course are entitled to receive the certificate of “Skin Care and Beauty Personnel Training Course” approved by the Ministry of National Education. However, in order to graduate from the course, our students must fulfill the obligations given to them. Then, they are subjected to two-stage exam. The application exam is conducted by the course committee and the theoretical exam is conducted under the supervision of an inspector from the Ministry of National Education.

Is this course has a job guarantee?

Our students are trained using the world’s leading aesthetic device brands such as Alma Lasers, Estech Global, Amiea, Bentlon. This information is enough to make them sought after personnel in the sector. Many of Essi graduates work in beauty salons, clinics, and hospitals in Turkey, Gulf Countries and Europe. Essi Beauty branches also prefer their employees from the Essi Academy graduates. In addition, we encourage our successful students to start their professional life by directing them to prestigious centers.

Can I do an internship after graduating from Beautician Training?

This is one of the advantages of getting training from a big brand. Essi has approximately 40 branches in Turkey. Students who have graduated from our courses can find internship opportunities in our branches. This internship enables our students to start their career one step ahead from others.

What Can I Do When I Receive My Beautician and Beauty Expertise Certificate?

Students who have graduated from Beautician Training

  • can work in beauty salons, polyclinics, spa center, medical centers, beauty and care departments of hospitals or hotels,
  • can work as a marketing specialist, trainer or dermo-cosmetic consultant in cosmetic brands and pharmacies.
  • can continue to our specialization courses such as BB Glow, permanent makeup etc.
  • can open their own beauty salons.

Can I work as a Beauty Expert abroad?

This certificate, which is approved by the Ministry of National Education, is valid in many countries around the world. The applicants should check with their countries’ officials to learn more about this subject. Our graduates can work as a beautician in these countries. In addition, our successful students are provided with internship and work opportunities in our Essi branches in England, Germany, and Qatar.For more information about our Aesthetician Training:

  • You can call Essi Academy on +90 (850) 532 37 74, or
  • Consult the nearest Essi Academy branch, or
  • Leave your information by filling out the contact form.