Medical Hand – Foot Care Training

Medical hand foot care is one of the most preferred applications today. There is a lack of trained staff to make these practices which is preferred by people with very serious nail problems

• Diabetic Foot Care
• Care of Heel Cracks
• Foot Callus Care
• Thickening of Foot Skin and Care
• Causes of Foot Smell and Care
• Foot Warts and Care
• Nail Problems and Care
• Ingrown Nail Care
• Fungal Nail Care
• Onycholysis (separation from the nail bed)
• Nail Thickening

Our students who have received Medical Hand Foot Care training can treat all of the above diseases. At the end of this training, which is a very serious training, our students are getting certificates by taking the test

The prices of medical hand foot care training prices are different in each courses. Also, the training prices vary depending on the trainer. It is important for our students to provide their own equipment. These equipment can be supplied from our courses.