Permanent Make-Up Training

If you think you are talented in drawing and art, permanent makeup training can be a training for you. Permanent makeup is injected under the skin with various methods
In the permanent make-up training, the details of this work are taught in detail and we can prevent the problems which the person may live in advance
As ESSİ academy and esthetician courses, we are seriously investigating permanent makeup training and we move our students to the point where the world is in this point as a result of these research. The lessons to be seen in permanent make-up training at ESSİAcademy have been prepared by the permanent make-up institute in Berlin.
The curriculum of permanent make-up training is as follows;

• Skin Anatomy and Physiology
• Hair Anatomy (For eyebrows and hair simulation)
• Lines and shapes
• Colors and color scale
• The technology of the devices and the chemistry of the dyes
• Permanent makeup work in artificial skin
• Permanent make-up application under the supervision of an instructor
• Homeworks

About Permanent Makeup Training and Permanent Makeup Course

Permanent make-up is one of the programs that aestheticians apply for training. Candidates with skin care and beauty specialty certification takes MEB approved training and get expertise in permanent make up.

Trainers with adequate equipment in this area transfer their knowledge and experience to their students through a 64-hour program. During 8 days of training, permanent makeup specialist candidates take steps in this area by learning theory, technique and practice. Eyebrow techniques, eyeliner, lip contour are shown in the trainings.
Beginning with the theory course, the important thing is to learn to make permanent make-up according to hygiene standards.
Candidates see the preparations to be carried out before the application, on what conditions they should apply and what they will do after the application, both theoretically and practically. Candidates take skin structure, equipment information, education of pigmentology, eyebrow design suitable for facial shapes, gold ratio training together with key points.

Candidates who have successfully completed theoretical training develops hand skills by starting drawing studies. Drawing techniques are important elements for creating near-natural practices. Candidates who make charcoal drawing practice close to reality through artificial skin prepared for permanent make-up training

At the end of the training, students will be able to apply the information they have learned while working on the live model.
With these practices under the supervision of an expert trainer, students learn practically what they need to do at a real skin.
At the end of the training, the theoretical knowledge of candidates entering the MEB exam is measured and written on their certificates together with the average of the practice exams

Enhance Your Center with Permanent Makeup

• Those with no eyebrows, thin sparse or short eyebrows
• Those who cannot apply eyeliner
• Those with small or large eyes
• Thickening and enlarging very thin lips,
• Those with unclear lipline,
• People with damaged physical appearance
• Those who cannot find time to do makeup every day,