Prosthetic Nail Training

Prosthetic nail applications are a very demanding makeup derivative today. During prosthetic nail application, a new nail is formed by applying various gels on the nail. It is recommended to apply prosthetic nail to anyone with a nail disorder or a nail eating habit.
The prosthetic nail course will be a logical choice for those who want to have a job as soon as possible. Students will soon be able start working in beauty salons or hairdressers after getting prosthetic nail training.

The duration of prosthetic nail training depends on the person’s ability. If the person has the required ability, it can be taken to the business life by taking the training of the prosthetic nail in a short time. Those who have previously done pedicure manicures will soon be able to take prosthetic nail training.

The first courses of prosthetic nail training are nail formation and nail shaping. The prosthetic nail course affiliated to the Ministry of National Education aims far more than a certificate or diploma to the ESSİAcademy students. It is our main goal to teach the finest detail of this work and to make prosthetic nail applications very well done.
The choice of a good course in prosthetic nail training is an important topic. The quality of gels, machines and other materials used during prosthetic nail training is very important.
Since these materials are very expensive, students have little opportunity to practice. This does not apply to ESSİAcademy. As in each branch, we recommend our students who are getting prosthetic nail education, they have to register for the esthetician course and make their infrastructure intact.

Lessons in Prosthetic Nail Training

• Nail structure and anatomy
• Nail Shapes and Shaping
• Prosthetic Nail Materials and Equipment
• Gel System
• Acrylic System
• Prosthetic Nail Applications
• Communication with customer and diction
• Central functioning (Management)